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Why Your E-Learning?


Your E-Learning platform distinguishes itself through its educational principles. We understand that our technological features are meant to complement and enrich teaching and learning methods rather than serve as substitutes. As a result, our e-learning platform has been carefully developed based on comprehensive scientific and educational research into effective teaching pedagogy. We are dedicated to empowering all Vietnamese students, irrespective of their backgrounds, by fostering the development of independent learning skills and English language abilities.


The flipped classroom model is a fantastic way to nurture the development of independent learning in Your-E students. Before the scheduled class time, students can access materials on the foundational aspects of Bloom's Taxonomy, such as "Understanding" and "Remembering," at their convenience. Subsequently, during and after the class session, they engage in challenging and thought-provoking assignments that are perfectly aligned with the advanced levels of Bloom's Taxonomy, including "Application," "Analysis," and "Evaluation." This pedagogical approach empowers Your-E students to practice their acquired language skills adeptly.


By systematically gathering and analyzing data on students' learning performance through our Your E-Learning platform, we can enhance their learning experiences. This approach enables us to identify and support at-risk students promptly. Moreover, the insights from this data empower Your-E Org to improve curriculum design to align with student needs continuously. Furthermore, this data-driven methodology equips our educators to evaluate and adapt their teaching strategies based on empirical evidence, fostering a more impactful learning environment.


Our instructional leaders use the expertise acquired from the instructional leadership program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education to drive student learning outcomes and cultivate a culture of professional learning. They consistently set high expectations, deliver impactful feedback, and establish collaborative learning frameworks. These initiatives not only enhance Your-E students' confidence and motivation but also guarantee harmony between teaching methods and learning goals, thus creating classroom consistency and enriching the overall learning experience for all students.

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